Thank you so very much for being part of a real grassroots campaign for Marin supervisor and although we did not make the November runoff against supervisor Rice, we showed that a person could run a very respectable campaign with not a lot of money. We spent $22,000 running second out of 3 candidates and supervisor Rice's last reporting shows she spent at least $148,000.
Supervisor Rice was re-elected with 11,071 votes (53.73%), I ran second with 4,953 votes (24.04%) and Mr Haroff ran third with 4,534 votes (22.01%).
From the very beginning we made the decision to not accept any special interest campaign contributions and we did not. We had hoped that a person could be elected supervisor in Marin County without hiring a high priced professional campaign/public relations consultant, without flooding mailboxes with slick political flyers and not owing special interests any favors. Of supervisor Rice's $148,000, $50,000 came from special interests.
     We did have a few individual angels that made major contributions, Lori Grace, Douglas Kerr and Paul Chignell. We had some of the best endorsements any candidate could have including the California Nurses Association and the Sierra Club. Former Fairfax mayor Lew Tremaine did yeoman's job doing all our graphic's work and handling our website. We knocked on almost 4,000 doors and had dozens of folks walking and sign holding and some even doing a TV ad. To name just a few Larry Bragman, Nancy Oswald, Ford Greene, Cynthia Jackson, Suzuki Cady, Kirstin Asher, Elena Belsky, Stephen Keese, Ellen Caldwell, Nancy Okada, Pam Meigs, Ed Vorous (RIP dear Ed), Peter Lacques, Sally Cavanaugh, Denise Beck and Dine DeMarlie. Even Ronita got into it and worked really hard.
     Our issues are not going away and hopefully the board of supervisors will actually implement some of them: a Marin County ban on Fracking joining Mendocino, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Butte and Alameda counties; a $15 an hour minimum wage now, not in 2022, as low wage workers can't wait 6 more years to make $15 an hour; Marin's adoption of Laura's Law to help our families; a complete ban on the use of pesticides on the commons not just some of our parks; take back control of county government from the consultants; real common sense flood mitigation, not high priced detention basins compromising our children's play areas and seriously addressing unfunded liabilities for pension and retiree's healthcare. Single Payer Universal Healthcare is the only solution to Marin county's, our cities', town's and special district's unfunded liabilities for retiree healthcare.

Thank You Voters of District 2!

Frank Egger

Public Advocate