About Frank Egger

Circa 2000.
The late David Brower, the father of the modern environmental movement, 1st Executive Director of the Sierra Club and founder of Friends of the Earth and Earth Island Institute with then Fairfax Mayor Frank Egger talk over strategies to restore salmon fisheries in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta.
Frank Egger is the only Marin County political candidate ever endorsed for public office by David.

Frank Egger

ENVIRONMENTAL WARRIORS: (L to R) Todd Steiner, SPAWN; Michael Stocker, Ocean Conservation Research;  Steve Volker, Environmental Lawyer, Frank Egger, Ross Valley Sanitary District Director and 7-time Fairfax Mayor; Marty Griffin, Founder of Audubon Canyon Ranch and Larry Bragman, MMWD Director and 2-time Fairfax Mayor.

Born in San Francisco, CA, and a 56 year resident of the Ross Valley, Frank has dedicated decades to public service in his beloved Ross Valley community and Marin County.

Frank has always been an advocate for the public's best interests, and a voice for the environment. He is an effective, experienced and hardworking leader. He is exactly what 2nd District needs in its next County Supervisor.

Frank's bold, visionary solutions have preserved and protected the Ross Valley, Marin County and the California coast and the new solutions he proposes for floodwater mitigation, affordable housing, environmental steward ship,  limits on potential West Marin development and a living wage will preserve and protect us in the future.

Frank & Ronita Egger, owners of the award winning Cazadero Winery (34 Gold & Silver Medals in 5 years), a mom-pop Sonoma County boutique winery.

Frank’s grandparents traveled from San Francisco via ferry and train thru Fairfax, on the Northwester Pacific Railway in the 1920s, past Manor Station on their way to the family’s Cazadero summer ranch where they planted their original vineyard.

Public Advocate